Prayer Matters December 2020

Thankyou for your continued essential prayer support at this challenging time.

Top of the list this month is to pray for all school staff and children.

What is it like in schools at the moment?

  • Life in school is very intense, one teacher said to Andy that every day at the moment was like the intensity of a school trip day

  • Give thanks for the opportunities the Joy Foundation has. e.g. at one school we presented four consecutive Collective Worships with four different bubbles across the school. One teacher described this experience as "beautiful" and other teachers have commented that The Joy Foundation coming school is great for them as it provides some much welcomed normality.

  • Here is a message Andy received from a teacher - sent from her class. "Thank you for sending us a personal message, it made us smile! We really enjoy your videos and we particularly like your teachings of Jesus. We are sorry that we cant see you right now, and that times are difficult. Please know that we are thinking about you and hope that you stay safe during lockdown. "

  • Another headteacher described the live streamed Collective Worship that we provided through Zoom to every class in the schools was the "Lift I needed"

Pray for staff

Please pray for the exhausted school staff, cleaners and caretakers, dinner ladies and administrators, teaching assistants, teachers, head teachers and governors. Pray for Gods grace, peace and love and His blessings to rest on each one of them and give them patience, compassion and energy for the rest of the term. Pray for rest over the holidays.

Pray for children.

Pray they might know the Light of Jesus in this season to give them a bright hope for the future.

Those children from families where the food bank is a Godsend, where mental health issues are surfacing and Christmas will be difficult.

Pray for The Joy Foundation

Pray for Andy Housam and Helen Pennington physically present in six schools, for protection, health, inspiration, energy and Gods continued blessing.

Please pray for the three Christmas videos The Joy Foundation is producing, focussing on the meaning of the Advent Crown, which is available to all our contact schools and distributed much further afield via social media.

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters November 2020

How it’s going.

The Joy Foundation has chosen at present to work in only six schools physically to try to limit any possible infection as most schools do not want visitors in at the moment. We are leading 2 or 3 Collective Worships in school every week. We connect with another 20 schools through weekly videos we produce or bespoke videos or live Collective Worship through Zoom. This work is greatly appreciated by schools - pray for creativity, energy and that we are a good representation of Jesus to schools. Much time in a week is needed to plan, film and produce the weekly videos and bespoke videos, which are free of charge to schools. There can be technical challenges with these which we have to overcome - pray that we learn how to manage these issues.
Helen Pennington is engaged in Intervention work in 2 schools with individual children and Andy Housam leads PE work for 2 afternoons a week. These allow us to work with individual children, be a representation of Christ in school and bring in much needed money to The Joy Foundation.

Please pray:

  • As we enter the term before Christmas we thank God for the continued opportunities the Joy Foundation has to share the Good News.

  • Give thanks for recent funding success and pray that this continues.

  • Pray please for the schools in Lincoln and surrounding villages. Children and staff are now finding the new routine tiring and perhaps a little inhibitive.

  • The Joy Foundation is not currently running any clubs, which we would like to do as it's a place where we can speak more freely about Jesus.

  • Pray that safe opportunities to go into schools come back.

  • Pray for good health and protection for Andy and Helen that they don't take any infection into school, nor take anything out.

  • Pray for good health over the winter.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters October 2020

The current situation has changed much of the normal routine of the Joy Foundation. So here is a glimpse into how a typical week is now.

Andy Housam is in Ling Moor on a Monday, leading Collective worship with different age group bubbles each week, delivering on their value of the month. On Tuesdays + Thursdays afternoons he leads PE at Redwood. He also has a regular commitment as a governor at Bracebridge Infants School, for whom he also records and produces a bespoke weekly video. He is also presenting some live streamed Collective worships with schools who request this support. This is streamed to groups of children in the same school, but in different rooms.

Helen Pennington supports children at St Peter at Gowts on a Wednesday afternoon and The Meadows School on a Thursday morning with intervention work. She also leads Collective Worship on a Wednesday at St Peter at Gowts to a group in school which is then live streamed to other groups in the school.

Helen and Andy then also take turns to record, produce and distribute a weekly Joy Foundation video that addresses topical issues from a Bible perspective. This video is received by 20 schools, but probably viewed by more as it is readily available on The Joy Foundation website, Facebook page and YouTube.


Please pray:
- That The Joy Foundation is allowed to continue to be in schools. (It has been a joy to be back)
- That the weekly video continues to serve schools well. Already we have had several messages from schools saying how much this is appreciated.
- For our finances. There is a significant meeting for the hopeful approval of a grant application to The Joseph Rank Trust on 15th October. Pray that The Joy Foundation is awarded a grant at that meeting.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters September 2020

Thankyou for praying for the Joy Foundation at this time of uncertainty and apprehension with the new school year beginning. Helen Pennington and Andy Housam go into the new term with optimism, faith and expectancy - expecting God to move through them in affecting children for Jesus.


How will The Joy Foundation be working now?

Andy and Helen will be physically going into three schools each at most for Term 1 - up to the end of October, so please pray for everyone's protection and wisdom.
The Joy Foundation have put Covid19 operating procedures in place, as well as each school doing this. So we are being rightly cautious. These measures include social distancing, cleaning of equipment etc. Pray also that government guidance is clear for schools on these issues e.g. face masks.

Each school is different, so pray for the right approach to each school we are connecting with please.

We will still be producing one weekly video for distribution to other schools and hopefully presenting live Collective Worship through different platforms. Pray that these are all successful, well received and helpful.

Pray for Helen after 5 months or so on furlough.

Pray for protection and confidence for all. Pray for anxious parents and children as they return to classes.

Please continue to pray that our work is effective and is financially supported.

Prayer Matters April 2020

We thank God

· for the children
· for the schools that essentially remain open, for staff that are serving others so wonderfully.
· For modern communication and the short videos that The Joy Foundation have created and the positive feedback from individuals, parents, children and churches.
· For the people (both children and adults) in the churches that are also using the videos - as they are encouraged and blessed


Please pray

- Primarily for all children. for protection on children’s bodies and minds as they are for the most part at home.
- For children's hearts turning to God. That they know God's peace and that they in turn can be a blessing to their families.

- For a spiritual re-awakening across this area, this country, this world

- That The Joy Foundation plays its part in supporting the above through the ongoing contact that we still have with schools. Through the videos produced, through the messages sent, and the contacts we have with individual schools and staff.

- Pray that our messages are sent on and received in school, in homes, by children, by adults.

and ….. here’s some of the feedback from the Joy Foundation videos (to be found on our facebook page, website or direct from Andy Housam.)

I’m also going to send it to my nieces
.... is not feeling too well at the minute- not the virus just a bit under the weather so this cheered her up
I have just shared your assembly for today with the children in my care today. They loved it!
Thank you so much for doing this, it makes the unusual times at school a little more usual. X
Bless you and your team Andy for your hard work, the folk I forwarded the video’s onto have been blessed and found them useful.
We're livestreaming our Sunday services. If you were to record one of these for each Sunday, we'd put it on our website for children
Thank you. Please keep them coming.
Love this one- the toilet roll made it..... and I smile
Community is so important right now
Great to see you in action this morning! Such an encouragement!
Thank you and pray you keep on going on
Love love love it
“Now I get to see Mr Housam, I won’t miss him so much” 
Great work

Prayer Matters December 2019

We thank God

· that we are now involved in another school that approached The Joy Foundation to support them in Collective Worship - All Saints, North Hykeham. Please pray that Collective Worship is well received there.
· for all who have supported TJF financially over the past year.
· that quiz night raised £445, we have had a more than £4000 donated recently by churches and the number of people that are giving monthly through standing order is again increasing.

Please pray

· for Collective Worship legislation. It is again in the news that the Christian element of this maybe should be reviewed.
· Collective Worship is at the core of what The Joy Foundation provides into schools, so please pray that the value of Collective Worship legislation as it is can be understood and appreciated by the relevant bodies
· Please pray for The Joy Foundation in schools during the Advent season. Our Bible-lincs team is active and we have key opportunities in many schools through Collective Worship


and ….. please remember those children for whom Christmas will be difficult.

Prayer Matters November 2019

We thank God

· For the Joy Foundation and in particularly for the effective work of Helen Pennington and Andy Housam
· for the Biblelincs volunteer team, for their willingness to help provide the Bible workshops and for Christmas bookings coming in.

Please pray

· As Collective Worship is at the core of our work - pray that these are planned well, presented engagingly and promote children's consideration of faith in Jesus
· For the Biblelincs team to be used to their potential
· For our fundraising efforts to find new grant giving bodies
· For our fundaising Quiz Night on 23rd November 7.30 at Leslie Manser (£5 per person Teams of up to 8)


and ….. For blessed safe travel around Lincoln and surrounding villages as the weather changes and roads are colder.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters September 2019

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God

  • For the new school year, for new young children starting off in their education and for all fresh starts.

  • For the opportunity to start Collective worship again in so many schools in Lincoln and surrounding villages

  • For the Joy Foundation being invited to take lessons, clubs and Bible-lincs workshops

Please pray

  • For children and staff to happily settle back into school routines

  • For safety around our schools particularly at the start and end of the day

  • For more individual givers to regularly contribute financially to the Joy Foundation.


and …. May God bless the work of Andy Housam, Helen Pennington and our administrator Clare Moore.

Prayer Matters July & August 2019

We thank God

  • That again all schools want The Joy Foundation to continue our input into next year.

  • That St Christopher's are rearranging their timetable for next year when The Joy Foundation is leading Collective Worship because they see the great value that we bring into the school life.

  • Bracebridge Infant School also would like The Joy Foundation involvement in their school as they see the benefits for the children.

Please pray

  • For children who are moving on at school.

  • For The Joy Foundation's final few weeks of term - that we make the most of each opportunity

  • For The Joy Foundation's ongoing financial requirements to be met, that we make decisions for the future in faith


and …. For all school properties over the summer holidays, for maintenance projects and security.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters June 2019

We thank God

  • For rest and recreation for teachers and children taking a half term break

  • For the dedication of non teaching staff who are vital to the smooth running of schools. God bless the site staff and cleaners, dinner staff, crossing patrol staff, admin staff, peripatetic music teachers, specialist consultants, club leaders and governors

  • For opportunities to tell bible stories of Jesus in collective worship and clubs

Please pray

  • For children as they enter this last term of the academic year, for a calm transition to the next phase

  • For The Joy Foundation as we plan for the next academic year - that all schools take up our involvement again and arrangements fall into place

  • For a possible new phase of work for The Joy Foundation looking at social/ mental/ behavioural/ emotional needs in schools


and …. In case you haven't heard our 10 YEAR SERVICE OF CELEBRATION due to be held on Friday June 14th 7.30pm St Columba's Church Centre, has been POSTPONED for the meantime.



Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

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10 Year Celebration Posponed!

We are postponing this celebration until later this year. We are considering our future work developing support for emotional wellbeing amongst children and are excited about celebrating both the last 10 years of The Joy Foundation as well as our future. Keep an eye out for a new date!