Prayer Matters November 2020

November 01, 2020

How it’s going.

The Joy Foundation has chosen at present to work in only six schools physically to try to limit any possible infection as most schools do not want visitors in at the moment. We are leading 2 or 3 Collective Worships in school every week. We connect with another 20 schools through weekly videos we produce or bespoke videos or live Collective Worship through Zoom. This work is greatly appreciated by schools - pray for creativity, energy and that we are a good representation of Jesus to schools. Much time in a week is needed to plan, film and produce the weekly videos and bespoke videos, which are free of charge to schools. There can be technical challenges with these which we have to overcome - pray that we learn how to manage these issues.
Helen Pennington is engaged in Intervention work in 2 schools with individual children and Andy Housam leads PE work for 2 afternoons a week. These allow us to work with individual children, be a representation of Christ in school and bring in much needed money to The Joy Foundation.

Please pray:

  • As we enter the term before Christmas we thank God for the continued opportunities the Joy Foundation has to share the Good News.

  • Give thanks for recent funding success and pray that this continues.

  • Pray please for the schools in Lincoln and surrounding villages. Children and staff are now finding the new routine tiring and perhaps a little inhibitive.

  • The Joy Foundation is not currently running any clubs, which we would like to do as it's a place where we can speak more freely about Jesus.

  • Pray that safe opportunities to go into schools come back.

  • Pray for good health and protection for Andy and Helen that they don't take any infection into school, nor take anything out.

  • Pray for good health over the winter.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters October 2020

September 30, 2020

The current situation has changed much of the normal routine of the Joy Foundation. So here is a glimpse into how a typical week is now.

Andy Housam is in Ling Moor on a Monday, leading Collective worship with different age group bubbles each week, delivering on their value of the month. On Tuesdays + Thursdays afternoons he leads PE at Redwood. He also has a regular commitment as a governor at Bracebridge Infants School, for whom he also records and produces a bespoke weekly video. He is also presenting some live streamed Collective worships with schools who request this support. This is streamed to groups of children in the same school, but in different rooms.

Helen Pennington supports children at St Peter at Gowts on a Wednesday afternoon and The Meadows School on a Thursday morning with intervention work. She also leads Collective Worship on a Wednesday at St Peter at Gowts to a group in school which is then live streamed to other groups in the school.

Helen and Andy then also take turns to record, produce and distribute a weekly Joy Foundation video that addresses topical issues from a Bible perspective. This video is received by 20 schools, but probably viewed by more as it is readily available on The Joy Foundation website, Facebook page and YouTube.


Please pray:
- That The Joy Foundation is allowed to continue to be in schools. (It has been a joy to be back)
- That the weekly video continues to serve schools well. Already we have had several messages from schools saying how much this is appreciated.
- For our finances. There is a significant meeting for the hopeful approval of a grant application to The Joseph Rank Trust on 15th October. Pray that The Joy Foundation is awarded a grant at that meeting.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters September 2020

August 31, 2020

Thankyou for praying for the Joy Foundation at this time of uncertainty and apprehension with the new school year beginning. Helen Pennington and Andy Housam go into the new term with optimism, faith and expectancy - expecting God to move through them in affecting children for Jesus.


How will The Joy Foundation be working now?

Andy and Helen will be physically going into three schools each at most for Term 1 - up to the end of October, so please pray for everyone's protection and wisdom.
The Joy Foundation have put Covid19 operating procedures in place, as well as each school doing this. So we are being rightly cautious. These measures include social distancing, cleaning of equipment etc. Pray also that government guidance is clear for schools on these issues e.g. face masks.

Each school is different, so pray for the right approach to each school we are connecting with please.

We will still be producing one weekly video for distribution to other schools and hopefully presenting live Collective Worship through different platforms. Pray that these are all successful, well received and helpful.

Pray for Helen after 5 months or so on furlough.

Pray for protection and confidence for all. Pray for anxious parents and children as they return to classes.

Please continue to pray that our work is effective and is financially supported.

Prayer Matters April 2020

March 31, 2020

We thank God

· for the children
· for the schools that essentially remain open, for staff that are serving others so wonderfully.
· For modern communication and the short videos that The Joy Foundation have created and the positive feedback from individuals, parents, children and churches.
· For the people (both children and adults) in the churches that are also using the videos - as they are encouraged and blessed


Please pray

- Primarily for all children. for protection on children’s bodies and minds as they are for the most part at home.
- For children's hearts turning to God. That they know God's peace and that they in turn can be a blessing to their families.

- For a spiritual re-awakening across this area, this country, this world

- That The Joy Foundation plays its part in supporting the above through the ongoing contact that we still have with schools. Through the videos produced, through the messages sent, and the contacts we have with individual schools and staff.

- Pray that our messages are sent on and received in school, in homes, by children, by adults.

and ….. here’s some of the feedback from the Joy Foundation videos (to be found on our facebook page, website or direct from Andy Housam.)

I’m also going to send it to my nieces
.... is not feeling too well at the minute- not the virus just a bit under the weather so this cheered her up
I have just shared your assembly for today with the children in my care today. They loved it!
Thank you so much for doing this, it makes the unusual times at school a little more usual. X
Bless you and your team Andy for your hard work, the folk I forwarded the video’s onto have been blessed and found them useful.
We're livestreaming our Sunday services. If you were to record one of these for each Sunday, we'd put it on our website for children
Thank you. Please keep them coming.
Love this one- the toilet roll made it..... and I smile
Community is so important right now
Great to see you in action this morning! Such an encouragement!
Thank you and pray you keep on going on
Love love love it
“Now I get to see Mr Housam, I won’t miss him so much” 
Great work

Prayer Matters December 2019

December 01, 2019

We thank God

· that we are now involved in another school that approached The Joy Foundation to support them in Collective Worship - All Saints, North Hykeham. Please pray that Collective Worship is well received there.
· for all who have supported TJF financially over the past year.
· that quiz night raised £445, we have had a more than £4000 donated recently by churches and the number of people that are giving monthly through standing order is again increasing.

Please pray

· for Collective Worship legislation. It is again in the news that the Christian element of this maybe should be reviewed.
· Collective Worship is at the core of what The Joy Foundation provides into schools, so please pray that the value of Collective Worship legislation as it is can be understood and appreciated by the relevant bodies
· Please pray for The Joy Foundation in schools during the Advent season. Our Bible-lincs team is active and we have key opportunities in many schools through Collective Worship


and ….. please remember those children for whom Christmas will be difficult.

Prayer Matters November 2019

November 01, 2019

We thank God

· For the Joy Foundation and in particularly for the effective work of Helen Pennington and Andy Housam
· for the Biblelincs volunteer team, for their willingness to help provide the Bible workshops and for Christmas bookings coming in.

Please pray

· As Collective Worship is at the core of our work - pray that these are planned well, presented engagingly and promote children's consideration of faith in Jesus
· For the Biblelincs team to be used to their potential
· For our fundraising efforts to find new grant giving bodies
· For our fundaising Quiz Night on 23rd November 7.30 at Leslie Manser (£5 per person Teams of up to 8)


and ….. For blessed safe travel around Lincoln and surrounding villages as the weather changes and roads are colder.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters September 2019

September 01, 2019

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God

  • For the new school year, for new young children starting off in their education and for all fresh starts.

  • For the opportunity to start Collective worship again in so many schools in Lincoln and surrounding villages

  • For the Joy Foundation being invited to take lessons, clubs and Bible-lincs workshops

Please pray

  • For children and staff to happily settle back into school routines

  • For safety around our schools particularly at the start and end of the day

  • For more individual givers to regularly contribute financially to the Joy Foundation.


and …. May God bless the work of Andy Housam, Helen Pennington and our administrator Clare Moore.

Prayer Matters July & August 2019

June 30, 2019

We thank God

  • That again all schools want The Joy Foundation to continue our input into next year.

  • That St Christopher's are rearranging their timetable for next year when The Joy Foundation is leading Collective Worship because they see the great value that we bring into the school life.

  • Bracebridge Infant School also would like The Joy Foundation involvement in their school as they see the benefits for the children.

Please pray

  • For children who are moving on at school.

  • For The Joy Foundation's final few weeks of term - that we make the most of each opportunity

  • For The Joy Foundation's ongoing financial requirements to be met, that we make decisions for the future in faith


and …. For all school properties over the summer holidays, for maintenance projects and security.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters June 2019

June 02, 2019

We thank God

  • For rest and recreation for teachers and children taking a half term break

  • For the dedication of non teaching staff who are vital to the smooth running of schools. God bless the site staff and cleaners, dinner staff, crossing patrol staff, admin staff, peripatetic music teachers, specialist consultants, club leaders and governors

  • For opportunities to tell bible stories of Jesus in collective worship and clubs

Please pray

  • For children as they enter this last term of the academic year, for a calm transition to the next phase

  • For The Joy Foundation as we plan for the next academic year - that all schools take up our involvement again and arrangements fall into place

  • For a possible new phase of work for The Joy Foundation looking at social/ mental/ behavioural/ emotional needs in schools


and …. In case you haven't heard our 10 YEAR SERVICE OF CELEBRATION due to be held on Friday June 14th 7.30pm St Columba's Church Centre, has been POSTPONED for the meantime.



Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Please would you help The Joy Foundation with an application for a £1000 donation?

May 07, 2019

Your nomination could help us secure £1000 of funding!

Simply go to and enter theses details to make a big difference to our work in and around the city of Lincoln.

Charity name - The Joy Foundation
Number - 1133292
Charity type - Religion

The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of securing this funding which will enable us to continue to bring and be the good news of Jesus to around 5000 local children. Please add your nomination today and share this with your friends too. The closing date is Friday 17th May 2019.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

10 Year Celebration Posponed!

January 02, 2020

We are postponing this celebration until later this year. We are considering our future work developing support for emotional wellbeing amongst children and are excited about celebrating both the last 10 years of The Joy Foundation as well as our future. Keep an eye out for a new date! 

Prayer Matters May 2019

April 30, 2019

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God For

  • The local schools The Joy Foundation are involved with. They are:
    Bishop King Primary 
    Bracebridge Infants 
    Branston Infants 
    Brant Broughton Primary 
    Cherry Willingham Primary 
    Fosse Way Academy
    Leslie Manser Primary 
    Ling Moor Primary 
    Manor Farm 
    Navenby Primary 
    Redwood Primary 
    Saxilby Primary
    South Hykeham Primary 
    St Christopher Special School 
    St Francis Special School 
    St Giles Academy 
    St Peter at Gowts Primary 
    The Meadows Primary 
    Westgate Junior 
    Witham St Hughs Primary

  • For the Biblelincs team, who have been into both St. Peter at Gowts CE Primary School and Ling Moor Primary Academy with it's Journey into Easter. Both times, the team trialled two new and creative approaches to the workshop. Both schools received the workshops gratefully. The children's responses (including holy silences) were amazing.

Please pray

  • For children, parents and teachers in the pressure of the SATs tests this month.

  • that the Biblelincs team grows in numbers and effectiveness (if you’d like information about the team please ask)

  • for our ongoing audit of what The Joy Foundation do in schools, and our Christian response to school’s needs.

Prayer Matters April 2019

March 31, 2019

We thank God

  •  For the upcoming Service of Celebration for 10 years of the Joy Foundation on June 14th 7.30 St Columba's - an open invite for all to come.

  •  For the schools audit feedback about our effectiveness in schools from headteachers

  •  For the Biblelincs team, their faithfulness and creativity

Please pray

  • For an unpaid volunteer to undertake the Joy Foundation grant applications and fundraising. (Do you know someone who might be interested?)

  • For wisdom in the follow up of our schools audit - that we would have a clear indication of what in future we should be addressing

  • For the adapted Easter Biblelincs workshop to succeed in offering more depth and creative responses as we go into St Peter at Gowts and Ling Moor. For more people to join the team and for the health and protection of those already involved.

Prayer Matters February 2019

February 01, 2019

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God

  • For 10 years of The Joy Foundation. There will be a


Friday June 14th 7.30pm St Columba's Church Centre,

Brant Road. Please put this event in your diary and make an effort to come along

as we seek to give God the glory for what has been a wonderful first 10 years of The Joy Foundation.

  • For being able to share the love of Jesus in our local schools

  • For local schools, staff and children.


Please pray

  • for the ongoing work - for creativity/ impact/ love/ patience/ stamina

  • for our advocacy of Collective Worship - that we might be standard bearers of quality collective worship in schools. We seek to point towards Jesus, show schools that this daily provision is vital in the lives of children and encourage other Christian leaders in producing their very best.

  • for the enthusiastic team of volunteers running the BibleLincs workshops


and ….

If you like to be part of a team, have fun and can bring your own spark of creativity to the mix, then BibleLincs volunteering is for you. We have devised a set of Bible workshops which schools all appreciate.  We can offer training and an opportunity to share your faith. We have just a few bookings in a year and gatherings once a quarter, so it suits busy people. Let us know if you are interested.

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters January 2019

January 01, 2019

First of all Happy New Year to all our pray-ers. We really do value this important ministry from you, thank you and may God bless you.

As you may recall last year we advertised for another member of staff but did not appoint anyone. We are prayerfully considering looking for our next employee. We have looked at finances and intend to look initially for someone for one day a week. Meanwhile Andy is reducing his PE work in schools releasing him time to develop our core work and Collective Worship training courses further. This is a step of faith as it means a known decrease in The Joy Foundation's income.

Please pray

  • For wisdom for The Joy Foundation's planning, that we go in the right direction, and that we will know how best to serve and communicate with the local schools

  • That children receive a real benefit from Collective Worship as was intended when the legislation was passed.

  • That The Joy Foundation can support church leaders in Collective Worship and develop new opportunities possibly in new schools.

We thank God

  • For holidays and rest and re-creation

  • For the call to develop our advocacy for Collective worship

  • For Gods continued blessing on Andy Housam as he heads up the Joy Foundation, for Helen Pennington also in schools, and Clare Moore our administrator


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matter December 2018

December 03, 2018

We thank God

  • For the Biblelincs team which is ecumenical, creative and faithful. 

  • The team have been into Ling Moor and Manor Leas Infant Schools with workshops.  We can give thanks for the openings and pray for the ongoing impact this might have.

  • Manor Leas Infant School are planning a cycle of Biblelincs bookings through a school year and pray for more schools to have room in the budget and desire to do this.

  • £520 was raised at our annual quiz fundraiser.

We pray for

  •  both the Biblelincs team and the workshop bookings increase in 2019.

  • All our Advent/Christmas work in schools

  • The ongoing Collective Worship course in Christianity Deanery as the next course is now being planned

  •  future Joy Foundation developments especially the financial implications

  • a central storage facility at the Brant Road centre will be finalised and up and running soon into the new year.

And …. For children who are may not enjoy Christmas due to mental health problems at home.

Prayer Matters November 2018

November 01, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God

  • That our first Church leaders Collective Worship training course had a good turn out and was well received.

  • That He will bless the upcoming Quiz on 24th November (which is our main annual fundraising event)

  • For opportunities in the run up to Christmas to tell of Gods amazing love

We pray for

  • Guidance on how the Collective Worship courses develop

  • Biblelincs workshop bookings will come in

  • A possible new worker and financial requirements for that along with current financial demands  

  • Andy Housam and Helen Pennington, for them, their families, health and stamina

And …. For children who are in care.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation. 

Prayer Matters October 2018

September 30, 2018

We thank God

  • Our Collective Worship so far this term has started well in all schools with some very positive feedback.

  • That the Church leaders Collective Worship training course is proving very popular with 20 people already signed up for 18th October.

  • That we are also running a Collective Worship Teacher's training course on 15th October.

  • We have a new school that we will be working with for at least one CW visit

  • That all clubs and lessons have started very well.

We pray for

  • Collective Worship in schools, that Jesus Christ may be the centre of it.

  • The upcoming training courses are successful and be beneficial to the attendees


And.... for children who for whatever reason are on the edge.

Prayer Matter September 2018

August 31, 2018

We thank God for 

  • Holidays and times of rest and refreshment

  • this New academic Year and the chance of a new start for

    • each child,

    • each member of staff and

    • each school

  • The Joy Foundation and a possible link with St.George's Swallowbeck who wish to employ a part-time Children and Families Outreach worker.  The Joy Foundation are still looking to appoint a part-time schools worker. The two roles seem to dovetail well together both in terms of job description and time commitment, so we are exploring the possibilities together.

We pray for

  • all our regular input of Collective Worship, lessons and clubs

  • Bilblelincs workshops - that they will be requested by schools

  • Collective Worship training - for church leaders and teachers are successful and helpful


And .... For good health for Helen, Andy and the Joy Foundation volunteers over this busy time.

Primary Collective Worship Course

July 04, 2018



BLENKIN ROOM (Please use side entrance)








01522 822853


Please come along to this for a refresher on what Collective Worship is, what it should include, what schools want and expect and to share good practice with each other. Andy Housam, The Joy Foundation Project Manager will be leading this course. Andy has more than 20 years of experience as a Christian Schools Worker and Primary Teacher. It is suitable for anybody who is currently leading collective worship in primary schools on behalf of their local church.

Prayer Matters July and August 2018

June 30, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,


We thank God for 

  • being welcomed into 21 local schools over this academic year and into next year too. That's a lot of children and staff.

  • The Collective Worship project in Christianity Deanery, Lincoln, is moving positively forwards.

  • Our wonderful supporting individuals and churches.


We pray for

  • The Bible-Lincs team delivering Bible workshops into schools who could do with a few more volunteers for next academic year.

  • Our work in the last few weeks of term, that we take up opportunities well and are able to bring freshness and energy into hot, tired schools.

  • Rest and refreshment over the school holidays for all teachers, support staff and children.

  • The Joy Foundation staff and volunteers over the summer period turning thoughts to the new academic year.


And ....

For children's physical, mental and spiritual health and safety over the holidays.

Prayer Matters June 2018

May 31, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God for 

  • The joy of regularly telling Bible stories to so many children

  • Children's memories being built

  • Funding that continues to be received from individuals, groups and organisations to meet The Joy Foundation needs.

We pray for

  • Children who start to get tired and hot at this time of year

  • Direction - as there was no appointment made for our Schools Worker post.

  • Andy, Helen and our team of volunteers to continue to be like salt and light

  • The Collective Worship course development and the ongoing project across the Christianity Deanery


For teachers, support staff, office staff, site staff and cleaners who can make a huge difference to the young by some kindly words of encouragement.

Prayer Matters May 2018

April 30, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God for 

  • The many schools across the city of Lincoln and surrounding villages that continue to be open to The Joy Foundation coming in to deliver Collective Worship (Assemblies)

  • That an advert for a part time Joy Foundation Schools worker has gone out. (advert attached)

We pray for

  • Children during the time of SAT's - some children find this very stressful.

  • The Collective Worship Project across the churches in Christianity Deanery and that this blesses the children and shows them more of Jesus.

  • The recruitment process for a new schools worker: Closing date Monday 14th May, Interviews Tuesday 22nd May. That God's will is done.

Schoolsworker Vacancy

January 01, 2020



The Joy Foundation is a key Christian charity that has the great privilege of supporting 21 primary schools in the Lincoln area.


Owing to recent successful grant applications we are now seeking to employ another Schools Worker to help drive forward our ministry to over 4000 children.


A Schools Worker is required for 2 days a week during term time to lead lessons during PPA sessions. We are looking for a Schools Worker to deliver any of these subject areas – PE, Art, Music or Languages. The Schools Worker will also be leading Collective Worship and clubs in these schools.


Do you have the desire to represent your faith in schools and the skills/qualifications required for such a post? QTS status is essential. This is initially a 1 year temporary position from September 2018.


Please contact Andy Housam, The Joy Foundation Project Manager, for further details and application procedure or visit

Andy Housam – 01522 822853


Closing date Monday 14th May. Interviews Tuesday 22nd May.

Prayer Matters April 2018

March 31, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God for 

  • Many opportunities in schools to share the Easter Message in Collective worship, lessons, Biblelincs and clubs

  • For Andy Housam, Helen Pennington and the Biblelincs team going regularly into schools with Bible stories

  • The Collective Worship Training Course project development in Christianity Deanery has begun, thanks to funding from The Transformation Fund

  • For all adults who work in schools to help disadvantaged children in difficult circumstances

We pray that

  • The Collective Worship Training Course Project continues to develop wisely

  • That  churches will engage with it to benefit their local children so they have better and more opportunities to understand how God wants to be involved in all aspects of children's lives

  • The Joy Foundation will have wisdom to know how, where and when to develop


And... As the school holidays start for the Easter break that children who receive free school meals will have enough to eat.

Prayer Matters March 2018

March 01, 2018

We thank God for 

  • Growing interest in the work of the Joy Foundation from many different churches across our area both in terms of prayer backing and financial support

  • Our continued welcome from schools to lead Collective Worship

  • The team delivering Biblelincs interactive workshops have had new enquiries about their Easter Workshop

We pray that

  • the Biblelincs team will be able to match up enquiries with when the team is available

  • The Collective Worship Training Course Project, begins with a) a helpful audit to find out what is already going on between schools and churches across the Christianity Deanery(Lincoln city) and b) organising the training courses.

  • The Joy Foundation is in line with Gods plan for extending our future staffing requirements.

  • travel between schools will be safe


From Mike Farley of the Biblelincs team. The Easter Workshop takes classes on a journey through Easter week and some of the themes that this brings up for Christians.  It is highly interactive and provokes really good conversations!

Prayer Matters February 2018

February 01, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We thank God for 

  • The great news this month, that The Joy Foundation is in receipt of money from the Transformation Fund.

  • This means that we can develop training courses for volunteers and church leaders on how to deliver high quality Collective Worship in local Primary schools.

  • our strong team of Biblelincs volunteers who have been trained in presenting bible workshops. (These are interactive sessions, for the whole primary age range, taken into schools and presented to individual classes)

We pray that

  • The Holy Spirit inspires us as we devise the Collective Worship courses

  • That Andy's workload is manageable

  • That the Biblelincs workshops continue to be popular particularly the Easter themed one.


From Mike Farley: One Christmas we ran the Cracking the Christmas Code Biblelincs workshop at St. Peter's in Eastgate School for the Infants.  At Manor Leas Junior's the following year, a girl joined our newly opened after school Bible Club.  A girl who had done the workshop over a year before joined, remembered who I was and chatted avidly about the BibleLincs workshop and its meaning.  Praise God for connections to the gospel.


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters January 2018

January 01, 2018

Dear friends and pray-ers,

Happy New Year to you all and thank you so very much for praying for the Joy Foundation.


We Thank God for

- a time of rest and refreshing for all children, teachers and staff over the Christmas holidays

- the excellent candidates for our new administrator post,  we welcome Clare Moore to this position. 

- that Elaine our previous administrator is continuing her work with us in the BibleLincs team.


We Pray for:

- The children happily coming back to school after the holidays, particularly those for whom Christmas has been difficult.

- The current finances of the Joy Foundation: that individual donors and grant applications in the pipeline will be successful and keep us in the black.

- For Andy Housam, Helen Pennington, and  the Biblelincs Team going into schools in the run up to Easter with the gospel message.


and news from the Bible Lincs team:

- The BibleLincs team took their Christmas workshops into two schools and met with about 150 children.  
   One class erupted into spontaneous Christmas song which was an absolute delight and it was a pleasure to hear the ideas of the children as to what Christmas    is all about.  They all shared and were challenged to think about who Jesus was and that He was born to save the world.

- One of the teachers made a point of returning to the team to express her gratitude and to say how she felt the parachute Nativity story had made the real Christmas Story so clear to her class of four year olds (seeing is believing!!!)

- We're always on the look out for volunteers – no prior experience necessary, just a love for working with children. Get in touch with us at the Joy Foundation if you think you'd like more information.


Thankyou for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters December 2017

December 06, 2017

We thank God for 

  • the advent season & that The Joy Foundation staff and volunteers have so many opportunities to proclaim Christ

  • that the new monthly collective worship at Branston Infants have begun with a terrific warm response from both children and staff

  • the annual quiz night went so well

We pray that

  • through The Joy Foundation visits to schools, children and staff will know that Christmas is about Jesus

  • a new person will be appointed to our admin post – the interview process is starting now as the closing date was yesterday

  • if the Transformation Fund bid is successful, it would bring such a new depth of Collective Worship provision across Lincoln


And .... for children whose families are using the Food Bank at this Christmas time


Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.


Prayer Matters November 2017

November 02, 2017

We give thanks to God
· That many children know key Bible stories because our volunteers run ‘Bible Links’ in local schools
· That about 5000 local children will have had Christian Collective Worship in their school led by The Joy Foundation
· That the Joy Foundation is now going into Manor Farm Academy in South Hykeham.

We pray for
· A new Administrator. To be appointed in the New Year, thanking Elaine for her great work over the years. (if you know anyone who may be interested please contact Andy for details)
· The ongoing work of the Joy Foundation in the current political climate as it effects schools’ budgets
· For health and stamina of all teachers and school staff
· The Joy Foundation Quiz Night Saturday 18 November 7:30 at Leslie Manser school. That we raise much needed funds.

….. for Gods protection as we go to and from schools on Lincolnshire country roads

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Part-time Administrator Vacancy

October 30, 2017

£8.45 per hour.


The Joy Foundation is a registered Christian charity working in primary schools in the Lincoln area. We are seeking a part-time administrator for 12 hours per month to be worked on a flexible basis. Responsibilities will include management of finances including payroll, pension, bank accounts and  invoicing. Other administrative tasks are also included in this position, such as oversight of our Bible-Lincs workshops and communication with donors. A working knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office (particularly Word and Excel) would be essential and previous experience with accounts and payroll desirable. There would also be some requirement to attend Joy Foundation events.


The post would be home based with laptop and printer provided and all necessary expenses paid.


For further details please contact Andy Housam, Project Manager on 01522 822853 or by email at Closing date Friday 1st December. Interviews will take place during the following week.

Prayer Matters September 2017

October 03, 2017

Dear friends and pray-ers

We give thanks to God for

  • a good new start to the academic year

  • that everyone has the chance of a new start because of Jesus

  • for the many chances of forgiveness and trying again that children and adults have.

We pray for

  • the 2 additional schools who have approached The Joy Foundation about providing Collective Worship – please pray that this happens

  • The large grant applications which have been submitted and that these are successful

  • Links developing well with Rooted Consultancy (a Christian school support service) about providing Collective Worship training across the county

  • The Joy Foundation Quiz Night Saturday 18 November 7:30 at Leslie Manser school.

.............. that children will experience kindness at school from adults especially when they don't at home.

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Prayer Matters July and August 2017

July 05, 2017

Dear friends and pray-ers,


We thank our amazing God for:

-  Another school year gone by, filled with opportunities for children to hear about Jesus in schools, through the work of The Joy Foundation's staff & volunteers
-  A full diary is almost in place already for the next academic year
-  That new funding has continued to come into The Joy Foundation so securing next year's work.


Please pray for:

-  Children's safety over the summer holidays
-  Successful Funding Applications that could help develop our work further
-  Good use of the summer period to plan, envision and rest


And ..... for those children normally in receipt of free school meals in term time, who receive no such support over the long summer holidays. Pray that they may have enough to eat.

Prayer Matters June 2017

June 05, 2017

We give our great God thanks for:
- our immediate financial need being met with large cheque and other new individual supporters starting.
- increased support from local churches.
- that it looks as if all our work will continue into next academic year with schools confirming they want our lessons and Collective Worship input.

We pray for:
- the final push this school year – with tired children and staff, but a time of wonderful opportunity.
- grant applications that are in / will soon be put in.
- raising the profile even more of The Joy Foundation Collective Worship provision – with Andy providing more training courses for quality, effective Collective worship.

       for the safety and pleasure of children playing outside a bit more and going out and about.

Prayer Matters May 2017

May 02, 2017

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We give God thanks for:

•The Equate Teaching Alliance, who have recognised our Quality Collective Worship course and have asked Andy to lead one. (details of who they are may be found here:

•The initial encouraging response from individual givers, to help meet our significant budget shortfall.

We pray for:

•The Joy foundation financial shortfall, may it be reduced so that the work can continue in our local schools.


- grant applications to Adint Charitable Trust and Rasche Family Trust,

- appeals to churches,

- participation in our fundraising card competition from children in the 20 schools we visit.

•School budget cuts do not exclude TJF in schools


Children and parents/carers facing the stress of SATS tests.

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

Can you help?

April 04, 2017

We are always looking for more ways to raise money for our work and are currently seeking 100 people who would be willing to commit to give at least £5 a month to The Joy Foundation in order that we can continue with our work. If you are interested, please let us know by sending a message, or emailing

Don't forget we also have a MyDonate page where you can give online.

We are so grateful for your support.

Prayer Matters April 2017

April 02, 2017

Dear friends and pray-ers,

We give God thanks for:

· The resurrection reality is for children too!
· The many opportunities that we have had over the past few weeks to share about the Easter message.
· That there have been several times when we have sensed a deeply spiritual moment has happened and this has been commented on by staff directly to us.
· The new website and mydonate link.

We pray for:

The current significant financial shortfall:
1. That more individual regular donors would support the work (if we can get 50 people giving £5+ a month we would be more comfortable)
2. That two staff can still be employed after the summer break.
3. That with schools severe 2017/18 budget constraints, the paid for services from the Joy foundation such as lessons, mentoring and clubs, will be valued and can continue.

Children and parents/carers spending extended time with each other over the Easter holidays.

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation, we really do appreciate them.

The Joy Foundation Prayer Matters March 2017

March 09, 2017

Dear friends and pray-ers,

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

We give God thanks for:

• Children hearing about Jesus Christ in school via The Joy Foundation

• Collective Worship development with our well received short course and a growing interest in TJF providing training

We pray for:

1. The lead up to Easter with volunteer-led Biblelincs workshops – pray for bookings on the Easter theme

2. Helen Pennington’s new role at The Meadows school - mentoring and a friendship club

3. The Collective Worship course development – how to move forward in helping to support quality Christian Collective Worhip in schools


The mental health of children and those living in a home where love is absent.

Date for your Diary: 5 April for the prayer breakfast hour at Alive Church, Lincoln. 7am sharp. (entry through side door). The Joy Foundation will be the focus of prayer this month. Come along if you can make it.

Thank you for praying.


March 09, 2017

We are thrilled to launch our new website and welcome you to it. We hope that you will take a look around and discover more about our work.

We are always grateful to a host of volunteers who enable us carry out the work we do at The Joy Foundation. One such volunteer is Andy Bartlett, who has given his time and skills to develop our new website. We hope you agree that he has done a great job. Thanks Andy!

If you have gifts and skills that you could offer us, please get in touch via the email address above, or contact us on our Facebook page.

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