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The Joy Foundation is a Lincolnshire based charity working in the local community, supported by local churches and organisations.
It is an ecumenical charity promoting education, life skills and the Christian faith through word & deed, both in schools & the wider community.


To act as a resource for children across Lincolnshire, to benefit their lives by providing advice, assistance and programmes of activity.

  1. To advance life skills, capacities and capabilities

  2. To advance education

  3. To advance the Christian religion

  4. To support churches in providing activities that improve lives

  1. We believe in the one true God who lives eternally in three persons—the Father (1 John 1:2-3), the Son (John 1:1-3) and the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17).

  2. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is essential for building faith (2 Tim. 3:16)

  3. We believe that the Son of God is Jesus Christ, who lived on the earth, fully human, yet fully divine (Phil. 2:5-11).

  4. We believed that sin entered the earth and is a curse on all mankind (Rom. 5:12)

  5. We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross in our place (Rom. 5:8), paying the price for our sin (Rom 6:23),

  6. We believe that Jesus was raised on the third day, defeating death, so giving us the opportunity to be reconciled with the Father (John 3:16).

  7. We believe that Jesus returned to the Father in heaven (Acts 1:1-11),

  8. We believe that Jesus will return to the earth one day to judge the nations and those who believe in Him will reign with Him in the new heavens and the new earth eternally (Rev. 21:1-7)

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