Collective Worship


We lead collective worship at over 20 schools, some weekly and some monthly. We cover a wide range of topics, including values, festivals and responding to current affairs event where appropriate. We use storytelling, props, children volunteers and challenges to engage the children in what the Bible teaches and the difference it can make to them.


Recent topics include:


  • Challenges

  • Everyone is special

  • God is with us

  • Turn enemies into friends

  • We look after each other

  • Have time for others 



As qualified teachers, we are able to plan and teach lessons to a high standard. We are frequently asked by staff for advice in planning their curriculum and have been used in formal staff training. We currently teach RE, PE, PSHE and Values. Recent units of work have included:


  • Creation

  • Christian beliefs and lifestyle

  • Bible Beasties

  • Economic wellbeing

  • The Environment

  • Hope and Trust

  • Peace



We offer extra-curricular clubs that are a combination of games, songs and an opportunity to learn Bible stories in an interactive and creative way.


Sports and life skills clubs are also offered.



We work with children who need one-to-one emotional, behavioural and social support. We can help with areas such as self esteem, anxiety, anger, friendship and social skills, and a difficult home setting.

Curriculum support


We have volunteers that are literally “serving“ their local schools by supporting children in their learning in the classroom. These volunteers have undertaken many different tasks and are a real help and support to class teachers.

Governor support


Many of our staff, volunteers and trustees are part of governing bodies on different schools. We recognise the importance and privilege of this role and are often asked if we can supply a governor to schools when there is a vacancy.


“Andy introduces his faith to the children in a child friendly way, one which encourages children to find out more and consider their own beliefs and values.”

Headteacher - Manor Leas Infant School

"Andy’s strong Christian values provide an excellent role model for our pupils. He most definitely has had a profound effect on many young lives."

Headteacher - St. Peter at Gowts School

“What you bring is not only helpful to the children but incredibly important to their spiritual, moral and cultural development. The moments of learning, contemplation and reflection that you bring to the school have an immeasurable impact upon our whole school community. ”

Headteacher - Ling Moor Primary Academy