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Prayer Update July 2023

This is our last prayer update for this academic year. Many things to be thankful for and lots to look forward to. PLEASE GIVE THANKS FOR · All the opportunities that we have had in this past, busiest ever year to tell young children about the love of God. · Most of our work in schools is already booked in for next academic year already. Schools have indicated that the support that The Joy Foundation brings is highly valued and much needed. · Several people have or will be holding individual fundraising events over the summer. As well as this churches have given support through Giving Days when Andy has spoken at their Sunday services. PLEASE PRAY FOR · The impact that we can have over these last weeks of term. It is a time of preparing for change ready for change, but children have mixed emotions with these changes. The Joy Foundation has many opportunities in school to help children understand that God wants them to know his love and support. · New opportunities for next year. A door may be opening into new areas of work that we could offer schools. Please pray for wisdom and confirmation over new developments. · People, especially the children! Many are hot and tired and ready for a break, but there is always much happening in schools. Pray they have ears to hear God’s voice in amongst all of this As noted above, we are seeking individual people that are willing to host a small fundraising event of their own sometime over this summer. If you are willing to do this and seek to raise even a small amount, please do contact Andy. Thank you for your support.

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