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Prayer Matters February 2022

The Joy Foundation has really appreciated your prayers and support at the start of this year. With Covid infection rates soaring in schools, some schools closing again to outside visitors, TJF staff illness and dark nights, it has been a hard month. However, with God leading, protecting and enabling us we have continued to bring the love of Jesus into the lives of thousands of children. We have a great privilege - thankyou for helping us to do this. In your prayers, please give thanks for;
  • The continued presence of The Joy Foundation in local schools, despite the difficulties of the past month

  • That our videos continue to be used in schools, each one with a clear Biblical message

  • Schools requesting new clubs and different involvement for The Joy Foundation for the rest of the school year

Please pray for:

  • Continued protection and fortitude for TJF staff, school staff and children

  • Creativity, energy and a winsome nature for TJF staff as we seek to be Christ's ambassadors

  • The continued financial needs of The Joy Foundation

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