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Prayer Matters November 2021

Thankyou for praying for the Joy Foundation.

  • We thank God for a successful first term of Reflect sessions. (This is the new course that helps children to look at various aspects of the pandemic and how it has affected them.) Please pray for the extension of the course by a further 7 new sessions that have been requested at Navenby and maybe another 6 beyond that.

  • Please pray for children living with the continuing affects of Covid in their schools, families and neighbourhoods

  • Pray that the children may have open ears and hearts to receive the messages that the Joy Foundation gives.

  • We pray for Andy Housam and Helen Pennington, for good health, journeying mercies and stamina in the run up to Christmas.

  • We thank God for much needed successful grant applications and God given financial provision.

  • Please note that our fund raising Quiz is now postponed to a future unknown date.

  • Look out for The Joy Foundation being one of the Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions from December to March, please support if you can.

Thank you for agreeing to pray for the work of the Joy Foundation.

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