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Prayer Matters Summer 2022

This is the last prayer update for this school year. Thank you for helping us through this with your prayers and support.

We give thanks for:

· Continued good health for Andy and Helen (despite Andy having Covid again for a few days)

· Schools showing how much they value the work of The Joy Foundation. Next year’s diary is already nearly full with schools confirming that they would like Collective Worship, lessons, intervention support and clubs. Many schools have also stated that they are willing to, for the first time, contribute financially to The Joy Foundation for our Collective Worship. This is in response to suggestions of this from the schools themselves.

· Some more new income for The Joy Foundation that eases, although does not solve our financial challenges

We will be leading Collective Worship, lessons or clubs or Bible workshops or intervention sessions every school day for the rest of term (apart from Fridays – admin day!). Please pray for the school nearest or most important to you that we are involved with. Here’s the list of schools we work with

· Saxilby

· Branston Infants

· St Giles

· St Faiths Infants

· St Peter’s in Eastgate Infants

· St Peter at Gowts

· Bishop King

· Bracebridge Infants

· The Meadows

· Redwood

· Leslie Manser

· Fosse Way

· Ling Moor

· Manor Leas Infants

· All Saints, Hykeham

· South Hykeham

· Manor Farm

· Coleby

· Navenby

· Welbourn

· Brant Broughton

· Witham St Hughs

For various reasons we have decided to postpone our quiz again , due on Saturday 2nd July. We hope to rearrange this for its traditional date again, probably on Saturday 26th November.

If you would like to know any more about TJF or support in another way, please do get in touch.

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