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Prayer Update April 2024

Hello everybody


The summer term is upon us and again we have a full diary of engagements in our 24 schools that we serve.




·         Our Schoolsworker, Helen, has made a wonderful recovery from her knee operation and is now back full time

·         New generous people that are kindly supporting us financially on a monthly basis. This generosity is helping us to continue with our valuable work



·         Last month we indicated that we are developing plans as to how we could increase our involvement in local schools. These plans are now very much in our thinking so please pray that we have wisdom, faith courage and provision.


·         The schools that we would like prayer for this month are two schools that Andy has personally been involved with for the past 25 years. Both of these are Church Schools are south of the city centre and have children from many different nationalities. At St Peter at Gowts, TJF provides weekly Collective Worship, weekly individualised mentoring and a weekly Challenge Club. TJF provides monthly Collective Worship at Bishop King too.


·         As ever, please do continue to pray for the children. Many schools report that they have younger children that are now showing evidence of disruption in their education because of Covid. Pray too that the children hear and receive the messages that we bring to them.



We are looking forward to the Celebration on 27th April to mark the 25th anniversary of Andy’s involvement in local schools. There’s still some space if you would like to come along.


Thank you for your support.

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