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Prayer Update January 2024



This is a significant year for Andy personally as he celebrates 25 years of local children’s ministry. Andy says "I’m thankful that I’ve been able to carry out this work for these years, humbled by the many and amazing opportunities that I have had to stand up for Christ and very grateful for the ongoing support that you and many others have shown over such a long period of time. I really want to give thanks to God for so many things, but please join me in remembering the blessings that have just happened."




·         All the messages that we were able to present over the Advent period. We were able to speak openly about Jesus to literally thousands of children.

·         New opportunities that have opened up to be involved more deeply in some schools. We are now supporting more schools with how they present Collective Worship, giving us the opportunity to discuss more deeply the Christian values which we live by.




·         The children are always the most important prayer request. Please pray that this year they hear, understand, receive, understand and are moved to respond to the message that The Joy Foundation brings to them.

·         We would like to highlight two schools every month this year for your prayers please. This month the schools are Ling Moor and Fosse Way, both in North Hykeham. Ling Moor has received very regular Collective Worship for the last 25 years and we also present Collective Worship monthly at Fosse Way.


·         Many of you have asked about our online Collective Worship, “Together!” We will hold “Together!” again on Wednesday 20th March with an Easter theme.


On 27th April we are holding a Celebration to mark the25th anniversary. It would be wonderful if you could come along to this event. If you would like to come, please RSVP by 29th March.


Thank you for your support.

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