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Prayer Update June 2024

This is our last prayer update of this school year, with only 5 weeks left until the summer holidays. Thanks for your prayers again over this past year and please be encouraged by what is happening in our local schools.




·        Already we have had most of our schools contact us to confirm that they would like The Joy Foundation to continue serving them next year. We have also had interest from some of our schools about wanting The Joy Foundation to provide more to their children.

·         We have had recent success with our grant applications. Also, individual donors have increased their giving and people are arranging individual fundraising events. These all very much help as we take the financial leap of faith to offer more overt Christian input into schools.



·         These last few weeks of term give us an opportunity to give final challenges to the older children especially. They are in a significant moment of their lives as they move school and the prayer is that the messages that we have brought stay with them and help them. 

·          Our last joint schools online Collective Worship of the year, “Together!” on Friday 5th July is well received as we explore the theme of Changes


·         The schools that I would like prayer for this month are All Saints in North Hykeham and South Hykeham. We lead monthly Collective Worship at both these and have done for some time.


·         Pray that all of our schools continue to want our input next school year. If we can confirm this soon, it gives a clearer picture of how we can seek to develop support more in these schools and then into other schools also.



Over the summer we are also asking if people would be willing to hold a small event or do something that helps raise funds for TJF. Already people are organising open gardens and afternoon teas, so if you are willing please go ahead! Anything helps and if you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your support.

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