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Prayer Update May 2024

We are in full swing for this term, so please do keep praying!




·        We have made a decision to take a step of faith next year in order to reach more children with the Good News of Jesus. Andy will stop leading PE lessons on two afternoons in order to free up time to explore new opportunities. This will reduce an income stream but give thanks that new sources have already appeared since we took this decision.

·         At the recent 25th Celebration Evening there were a number of staff and adults that as children had experienced our work. They gave a strong and humbling testimony as to the value, importance and impact of our work.



·         The above decision that we have made. Pray for new and correct opportunities and that we have the wisdom and provision to move forward into what God has for us.  


·         The schools that I would like prayer for this month are Navenby and Coleby. Andy has led monthly Collective Worship in both for many years and continues to do so. Andy also supports Navenby with their Collective Worship Council and both schools have been a part of our online Collective Worship, “Together!”


·         Year 6 children especially at this time. This week is their SATs week, which many children find difficult for different reasons. They are also facing their last few weeks as primary school children. Pray for them and that what The Joy Foundation brings is helpful to them.


THANKYOU to all of you who came along on the 25th Celebration Evening. It was a wonderful occasion and we raised around £500.


Over the summer we are also asking if people would be willing to hold a small event or do something that helps raise funds for TJF. Already people are organising open gardens and afternoon teas, so if you are willing please go ahead! Anything helps and if you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your support.

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